Atom Wheels has been the leader in quad wheel manufacturing since 2008. With this industry knowledge, Atom has developed Inline Wheels in a variety of colors and compounds.

From the introductory Protege to the more durable Mirage, Atom has you covered.


Pair your favourite Jackson Boot with our brand new Mirage Inline Roller frame to extend your skating from the Rink to the Road. Manufactured from the same Aircraft Grade aluminum as our Matrix figure chassis and featuring an 8' rocker, you can be confident in your transition to the outdoors!

If you prefer to start rolling right away, Jackson Atom is there for you with a line of Artistic Inline Figure Roller skates. Our Elle and Freestyle are mounted on the Mirage Frame, while our Mystique models are mounted on a strong but lightweight aircraft aluminum Jackson frame.


With three grades of bearings delivering precision performance and reliability, four toe stop options, colorful toe plugs, bushings and more, Bionic is always evolving to provide skaters at every level the accessories they need to roll with confidence and perform their best! 

Bionic SWISS 8mm Bearings

Bionic SWISS feature titanium ball bearings and utilize shields to protect the internal parts of the bearing against contamination by dust and liquid. The shields help contain the lubricant in the bearing, are fixed to the outer ring and have a non-rubbing seal to the inner ring. 

Bionic ABEC-7 8mm Bearings

Bionic ABEC-7 bearings are lubricated with speed oil and require no break-in period. Delrin cage reinforced.

Bionic Artiste Stoppers

Bionic Artiste Stoppers are appropriate for today's high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Artiste Stoppers are also suitable for OEM replacement parts. These stoppers provide excellent performance by utilizing our unique formula.

Bionic XS Stoppers

Bionic XS Stoppers are made of a long lasting, non-marking rubber compound.

Bionic Inline Spacer

Ensure your bearings are properly spaced apart within each wheel for optimal spin.

Jackson T-Wrench

Easy to use tool for removing and servicing wheels & bearings.